SMS/Text Messages

verifying that a text message is from us

We understand that verifying the authenticity of text messages is crucial in today’s digital landscape. To help you identify genuine messages from us, here are some key indicators to look for:

  • Sender Identification: Our text messages will always come from NHS-NoReply. We never send text messages from a mobile number. E.G Anything beginning with 07…
  • Personalization: Genuine texts from us include your first or last name. This personal touch assures you that the message is specifically intended for you.
  • Relevant Content: Our messages will typically contain relevant healthcare information related to your appointments, test results, prescriptions, or general health advice. We aim to provide specific details that are pertinent to your care. If the content aligns with your recent interactions with our practice, it is likely a legitimate message.
  • Contact Information: Often our text messages have the email address of the repesctive practice at the end of the text.
  • Replying: Genunie texts from us will not allow you to reply to the text directly.
Flu Vaccinations

We are reminding all of our eligible patients to book their flu vaccination at their GP surgery to help protect themselves and their families from the illness this winter. It may be possible to receive your Covid vaccination at the same time.